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Our Team

Best way to explain our team is .. well a bit edgy. Follow our Instagram, Like our Facebook page and read the hashtags. You will see what we mean. Come in and say hi. Keep an eye out for ET, he gets into all sorts of mischief, as does our hard working Barista. - Check out the long running post on our Instagram and Facebook - 'Things with put Tim in!'


Our Leader and Coffee Making Wizard

Prices everything
Knows where everything is

General Sexy Man

Shorts leave not much to the imagination

Forgets to do the milk order


Does very little

Keeps the accountant happy
Sends stuff to the vendors

Gives shit to Tim

Rarely misses Milk Order

Only one that can drive the Ute


Makes Proper Coffee

Does odd jobs
Drinks way too much

Is super cute in his Glasses

Forgets to wear his belt

Turns up occassionally


Always on his phone

Appears in regular posts online
Smiles and Nods

Thinks he is Security